Perseus Hotel /Serifos

Following its first successful appearance, in an industrial loft in the city centre of Athens, the art project  “ape” ( a private eye), is moving in a new location. A selection of artists , will be working on an exhibition that follows a different perspective.



Remain >> continue to exist, continue unchanged, staying in the place that one has been occupying.

Remain(s) >> traces of existence, leftovers, leavings, remnants


 A hotel(‘s) remains.


The second edition of ape, is located in a summer spot. Serifos, one of the Greek islands of the Cyclades, is home to a modern hotel, with the name “Perseus”.

Nowadays abandonded, Perseus, is one exceptional paradigm of the modern architectural movement of the 1960’s. It’s architect, Filippos Vokos, was working at the time closely with the head of the Greek National Tourism Organization, Aris Konstantinidis, who introduced a hotel buildings’ substructure, known as the “Xenia project”. The Xenia hotels, are internationally recognized as part of Greece’s modern cultural heritage.

Perseus was designed according to these standards. It has a simple L-shape plan, and one can admire the truth in materials use, as well as its integration in the natural environment.

Today it does not sustain its former use and belongs to the municipality of Serifos. Yet, it is part of the remains of the Xenia project. It remains unused. It remains beautiful. It remains.

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