6 artists remain(s).

They occupy several spaces of the former- hotel, exploring the ephemerality of the summer accommodation and questioning the present condition of the abandoned hotel. More remains around the island are put in dialogue with Perseas, hiding (or revealing?) people’s detachment from their preservation. Traditional forms and typical characteristics of the guestroom (Ξενωνας) will be revised and deconstructed. How can we evaluate culturally and socially these settlements under their past promise for growth, in relation to the present remains of them? How can the theme of the “guestroom” be approached now? What kind of message can be echoed in-between the artist’s works and their temporal, in-situ, character? Video, installations, photography, and various compositional methods, are the tools with which they will participate and /or remain inside Perseas between 28/6-5/7, optimizing the chance to be in contact with residents and visitors of Serifos.

season #2

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